‘’Sedefkar Erdoğan Baydar’’ was born in 1953 in Fatih. His family history was Crimean, and the immediate family and relatives were among those interested in music and art. The presence of instrumentalists, composers and handicraftsmen also had positive effects in terms of defining her for the field of art.

Baydar, for his interest in Turkish Music and Turkish Handicrafts in the 1965s, he would continue his Forgetful yeast Facing Psoriasis Carving for which he was fascinated by his classical kemençe production, mother-of-pearl and charm. Until today, he continued his art, which he enjoyed and excited at all times, with his professional business life for years.

His interest in ‘’sedef kakma’’ and ‘’sedef kakmacılığı’’ introduced himself to the son of ‘’Sedefkar Nerses Semerci’’, who has been serving as a master of art in ‘’Sedefkarlık’’ for many years, and his friendship, which started with his master, also made the artist more like the art of ‘’Sedefçilik’’. Their friendship strengthened during this period. Baydar, who has been dealing with the art of psoriasis for many years, continued his friendship until his master’s death, while also working as an apprentice on weekends, and learned all the techniques and practices related to the art of psoriasis.

Baydar, who has also been a columnist about Art in the past, has published his interview with the master of the art of ‘’Sedefçilik’’, titled ” Living and Living ” for ‘’Sedefçiliğe’’. Until the death of his master in 1982, his master-apprentice relationship and friendship lasted for about four years.

In addition to his busy and paced business life in important institutions of our country, where he served as a manager, Baydar, has been successful in his art, and he has continued his professional business life successfully for many years. He made partial trials and studies with other art branches as well as among the firsts such as ‘’Sedef kakmacılığı’’and Music. He did almost all his art work in a home environment. As the years progressed like this, in addition to being interested in the art of ‘’ Sedefçilik’’, when he had the opportunity; He took part in short and long documentary films about the expression and promotion of art, and made notifications in conferences and seminars.

During this busy period of activity, he participated in music instruments of various musical associations and various communities with his ‘’classical kemençe’’ and he practiced music. He ended his professional business life with his own desire and desire ten years ago. A few years before the end of their professional business life, they moved their art workshops, which they named as ‘’SEDEFHANE’’, from their residence to the art workshop environment in order to create an external environment. They devoted more time to their art, which they have shown patience for many years, and have drawn the road map together with the ‘’Sedefkar son’’, who is passionate about this art, with the goal of producing more and being one of those who contributed to this fine art.

In such a period, the process of knowledge transfer and applications related to art started with the love of his son, SEDEFHANE art workshop, with his son, who has a close interest in music and art, started the process of transferring information and applications about art with his apprentice ‘’ Serhat Hilmi Baydar’’. Serhat Hilmi Baydar received his official title as ‘’Sedefkar’’ by the T.C Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The title of the ‘’SEDEFHANE’’, which was created in the next step, was also registered by TPI in order to progress in the way of branding. In his humble Art Workshops with the title of ‘’SEDEFHANE’’, he has been continuing the maintenance-repair and restoration-conservation works of the ‘’classical Kemençe’’ making-nacre for about 50 years, the production of Eser-i Istanbul works, and the works with mother-of-pearl and ‘’Sedef Kakma’’.

In addition, it has been a pioneer by conducting a useful study for those who perform ‘’classical kemençe’’ in situations such as sound quality in areas such as stage-concert and recording. The ‘’SEDEFHANE Art Workshop’’, which continues its R&D ( Laboratory) activities in order to find a solution to this situation, started to make the threshold of the instrument from horn material since 2010. When the horn threshold is used in classical kemençe, it has been put forward in the program of ‘’Kemençe Çevresi III’’ in Yıldız Technical University ‘’Vedat Kosal’’ Music Application Research Center on April 28, 2012 by many performers.

Father and son who have successfully and successfully carried out their responsibilities in their duties, One of their experiences in professional business life and knowledge of art, together who work together in their ‘’SEDEFHANE’’ titled art workshops. They continue their long-term journeys, shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart, at the ‘’Atatürk Culture and Art Center of Beylikdüzü Municipality’’.